Writing solid ad copy from scratch is loaded with uncertainty. (Not to mention it’s incredibly tedious.) In this video tour, find how SpyFu’s re-designed Ad History helps you pull ideas from the strongest ad copy on your keywords—without spending hours to find it. This clear direction helps you start with optimized ad copy from Day 1.

We turn to your competitors for clues. If they have already invested time and money into testing to find optimized ad copy, you don’t have to extend your own resources to find what they’ve already tested. Ad History highlights a competitor’s strongest ad copy—taken from their most competitive keywords.


A phrase match filter narrows down your search so you can work with targeted keywords and see patterns across relevant matches. One more plus: it’s no longer up to you to hunt color changes in every keyword to see what changed.  We summarize just how much a domain relied on one dominant message across all of its keywords so you know what’s most important.

When ad copy changes, it could have been a good change or a failed test.  We move you beyond tracking changes. It’s not about what changed. It’s about what prevailed.

(Note: Updated Ad History is coming soon to SpyFu. Watch this blog for more details. Aiming for early May 2013.)

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