I want to hire a SEO guru to rank my website for me because I don’t know how to do it. I am so busy during the day that I don’t have time to learn or manage this task. I just want to hire a SEO guru from India for three dollars per hour to rank my website to the number one position in Google. Can you help me?

Does this sound like you? It’s not that simple.

Let me tell you a story about Mark. Mark is one of the ten million players who play a game called World of Warcraft. Most of us never played this game, but we all heard about it (talk about viral marketing). Mark who was a level 50 player convinced his friend John to play the game with him. When John started playing the game his skills started at Level 1. John was playing vigorously for months, and invested hundreds of hours of his time to level-up before finally reaching Level 20. Once you reach Level 20, you have to pay a recurring subscription to keep growing.

John didn’t want to pay, so he decided to play with other players at Level 16. After a while, John started playing with Level 5 players, and killed them all with one swing of his sword. After one month, John got bored, and he joined Mark for a multiplayer death match. John had no chance, Mark took one swing and killed him. John was pissed off and decided to pay the subscription, so he can Level up to Mark and beat him in a fair fight.

Now let’s put games aside, and see what we can learn from Mark and John. One of my clients named Tom was new to SEO, he was SEO Level 1 newb. He was convinced he needed to hire a SEO guru to rank his website, and he wanted a SEO Level 30 guru. Tom went on oDesk and posted an ad for hire. He received 100 bids for the job, and many of them claimed to be Level 20 through Level 50 SEO gurus. Tom interviewed one of the recruits named Hamid, and Hamid convinced Tom that he was a Level 30 SEO guru who will rank his website in just a few months.

In reality, Hamid was only Level 3, but Tom didn’t know that. How was Tom supposed to know the difference between Level 3 and Level 30 when he was only Level 1 himself? Tom hired Hamid for six months and paid him $300 per month. After six months, Hamid ended up earning $1800, and got Tom’s website banned in Google. Now Tom was pissed! Tom fired Hamid and went to oDesk crying for help. Tom posted another ad to unban his website and got another 100 bids from SEO gurus wanting the job.

Tom hired an SEO guru named Ahmad after he convinced Tom that he was a Level 40 SEO guru. In reality, Ahmad was only a Level 4, but again Tom couldn’t have known that information as he was still Level 1. Tom invested another $1800, and after six months he fired Ahmad because he was unable to unban his website. Tom lost faith in SEO and outsourcing altogether.

I like to compare Skill Levels to human age. When Maggie is age one, Tommy is age five and Sammie is age ten they have very little in common. When they grow up, and Maggie is 10, Tommy is 15, and Sammie is 20, they still have very little in common. But, when Maggie is 30, Tommy is 35, and Sammie is 40, they have a lot of things in common.

So looking back at Tom, how should have Tom handled the situation from the beginning? Tom should have leveled-up to at least to level 20 before delegating any tasks to an outsourcer. I would have personally leveled-up to level 30. What Tom did was equivalent to a one year old hiring a three old to do a 30 year old job. The key to your success is to LEVEL UP before delegating any tasks to another person. This way if you are Level 10, you can give a Level 7 task to someone who is Level 7 and you will know exactly how to evaluate their work, and expect the job to be done before the deadline.

I am a Level 50 SEO guru, so when I hire someone to do a Level 10 job, I know exactly what they are capable of doing, and I will detect any BS to convince me otherwise. I will invest $3.00 per hour and actually GET REAL SEO RESULTS! This is why I always say that my workers perform very well while others are crying about these same workers getting their websites banned.


So if you want to learn new things, like SEO, or Shopping Cart Elite or any other techniques, then hire someone who can Level-up to your Level, so you can delegate your tasks to them. Once you do that, you can start investing your own time to Level-up to learn the new tasks. After all why would you hire someone to use your website for training their skills and pay money for someone else’s education? You already do that by paying taxes to the federal government.

If you hire a Level 1 newb to do a Level 10 job, be prepared to invest a substantial amount of time in educating them. It takes an average person with good core values and common sense approximately 40 hours to gain one level. If you don’t have time teach your new worker, then pay more for a worker that is already leveled up to the level you need. Tom could have hired Hamid to Level-up, but there was also a risk that Hamid wasn’t the right person for the seat, thus he would have quit before even reaching the next Level. It is important to hire the right person based on their core values and their current Skill Level.

If you get the right person at Level 7, he can easily Level up to Level 10 within a few weeks. If you are not at least a Level 20 yourself, you should not hire a Level 30 worker. If you are already in business, you are probably at least a Level 10 in the tasks you do today. Hire someone to do your tasks, and you will have all the time in the world to learn new ones.

Think about this for a second, you are stuck right now doing the same boring crap every single day. I am sure you did not sign up for this when you thought about being your own boss and running your own business. You are stuck at a certain level, and you will end up rotting at that level until you get your senses in order about what I said today. 

Time flies by fast, and before you know it another new year will pass by. You were supposed to be leveling up yesterday, not now or tomorrow or next month. It is never too late to make the right decision and move forward, the worst thing you can do is not make a decision and stay where you are now. So going back to the very first question, about you trying to hire someone because you have no time or skills, well you should still hire someone that can do your CURRENT JOB! Not the job that you don’t know how to do, but the job that you do know how to do because you do it every single day. This way you can have the time to learn a new job, and Level up to do it yourself first.

If you are working for a boss, give him this article and tell him that you need a virtual assistant because his paying you $20 per hour for a $3 per hour task while he can be paying you $20 per hour for a $100 per hour task if you were only to level up. If you are the boss reading this, let your best worker delegates his task to others, and let them thrive! It will help your company, your worker, and you!

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